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“To Blow Your Own Trumpet/Horn!”

There are no prizes for guessing who this is! As you probably know, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday on 21st April and it seems that England has become a party playground! Cannons have been fired, candles have been lit, flags have been waved, the National Anthem has been sung and trumpets have been blown. “How is this an idiom?” you might wonder…. Well, this isn’t an idiom, it’s what people do when they play trumpets. The idiom means something different.

Whether or not you agree with the monarchy, it’s worth noticing some important facts about her reign:

  1. Elizabeth is the longest serving monarch in England, and the second longest in the world. (The first is King BhumibolAdulyadej of Thailand). She has reigned for 63 years!
  2. She has been married to Prince Philip (now 95) for 68 years.
  3. Her coronation was the first to be televised and was watched by over 20 million people.
  4. There have been 12 UK Prime Ministers, 7 Popes and 7 Archbishops of Canterbury while she has been Queen.
  5. She has travelled more than a million miles, visiting 117 countries.

Through all this Elizabeth has been a quiet, dignified presence and has never blown her own trumpet! If you blow your own trumpet you boast or brag (vantarsi) about your successes and achievements. She is humble, has a great sense of duty and gets on with her job, despite problems and periods instability. She doesn’t blow her own trumpet!

Here are some other examples:

  • I’m not blowing my own trumpet, but I always came top in my class when I was at school!”
  • “Please don’t start blowing your own trumpet about your promotion again. You’ve told us ten times already!”
  • When I talk to Maoira, one of our students who is a fashion designer, I realise that to progress in the fashion industry you need to blow your own trumpet!

Have a relaxing bank holiday on Monday and we’ll see you next week!