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“It’s a piece of cake!”

“Learning never exhausts your mind!”  … Powerful words aren’t they? I think they spell out (danno enfasi a) one of the beliefs we share at The English Tree, that it’s never too late to learn English and being open to learning can stimulate your mind. Do you know who said this? It’s this man below…

Do you recognise him? It’s Leonardo Da Vinci. Did you know that today, 18th April is his birthday? He was born 564 years ago, in 1452. I wonder how he would have celebrated his birthday…….. with a cake maybe……

Whenever I read about Leonardo it always amazes me how talented he was in so many things: painting, sculpture, inventions, cartography, architecture, maths, science, engineering, botany, geology, botany, writing… and the list goes on. Not surprisingly he is often referred to as the “Universal Genius!” Most things for him were a piece of cake! This has nothing to do with the fact that it’s his birthday today – it’s an idiom we use to say that something is simple or easy.

It probably originates in America in the 1870s when there used to be frequent competitions – egdancing and singing, and the prize was often a cake.  Here are some examples:

  • My children are so quick on the computer – everything technological seems to be a piece of cake for them!
  • When you see photos of refugees crowded on boats, you realise that life isn’t always a piece of cake.
  • Getting to Naples will be a piece of cake by train.
  • Learning English with The English Tree is a piece of cake!

Have a lovely weekend and next time you eat a piece of cake, try to remember the idiom!