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“Stop and Smell the Flowers / Roses”

It was Mothers’ Day in England last Sunday and Ladies’ Day on Tuesday – what a great week for all women! As my son said: “Mum, it seems like we have to celebrate you almost every day!” “What’s wrong with that?” I commented.

One of the beautiful aspects about these celebrations is that they occur at the beginning of springtime, when the flowers are opening and the fruit trees are blossoming. Green shoots come up from the hard earth and we see how nature is so good at renewing itself.

We had some tulips in one of our classrooms this week and look how perfect and colourful this one is. It was closed up tight in a green bud (bocciolo) for two days and then gave us such pleasure as it opened! At a time when there is a lot of bad news on the media, I feel it’s important to look around us and stop and smell the flowers! This is an idiom that we use when we see someone who is always stressed and busy. It’s a reminder that we are more than just our work, our responsibilities, more than people living in a world where difficulties and problems can dominate. We are also part of nature and it can be so beneficial to stop for a moment and appreciate the flowers.

I hope you find time to slow down and feel the beauty of your natural surroundings this week – Take time to stop and smell the flowers!