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I arrived in England late on Thursday night, in Birmingham to be exact. It felt a bit like going home as we were living nearby when we left the country. I didn’t recognise anything, except the weather… It was bucketing down, raining cats and dogs as we got off the aircraft!
When it’s raining so heavily we say it’s bucketing down because it’s as though bucketfuls (secchiate) of water are coming down!
You may have heard of the idiom “It’s raining cats and dogs,” but I wonder if you know its origins? In Victoria times the towns and cities were often flooded with the heavy rain. The streets became rivers, and dogs and cats would sometimes drown in the deep water. When the water receded the animals would be found and people commented that it looked like it had been raining cats and dogs.
It’s now Saturday morning and we have had snow, sun and wind as well! Now it’s cloudy  as we drive North on the M5 (M means Motorway or in Italian Autostrada).
I’m happy to be back in my own country to celebrate Mothers’ Day (tomorrow in the UK) with my children, my mother-in-law, and my mother and I shall be happy tomorrow to return to sunny Rome.
Have a good week.