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Today is the last Friday of February – I can’t believe how fast this year is going! At The English Tree we love the last Friday of every month because we decided that this was the perfect day to start the weekend and a new month by sharing lunch together. Anyone who is learning or speaks English is welcome and it’s an opportunity to chat and socialize together in English.

As you know, a lot of people went on a skiing holiday this week or were busy with things they had to do, but Pat and I decided to go anyway. I’m so happy we did because the food was right up my street! Actually, I’m a vegetarian and the menu was perfect for me! Here it is:

Starter: Rocket, pear, grana cheese, sesame seeds and fresh orange

Main course: Whole grain rice, herbs, ginger and hazelnut, chickpea, spinach and mushroom soup topped with croutons and cheese

Dessert: Home-made apple pie

It was all absolutely delicious and healthy too!! This is my favourite type of food! When something is perfect or ideal for us we say “It’s right up my street!”. My street is where my home is, so the idea is that this is something close to my home, perfect for me, where I feel most comfortable.

The menu was right up my street – ideal for a vegetarian!

Here are some more examples:

  • Our new teacher Sharon really loves working with children, so teaching them English is right up her street!
  • English people often say that a holiday in the sun would be right up their street because they are fed up (essere stufo) with the rain!

I hope you have chance to do something right up your street this week!