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“Actions Speak Louder than Words”

Ever since I arrived here, I’ve had a love affair with Rome! I feel so privileged to live here! Every place has its problems of course, (I know cities in England do!) and one of the things that I can’t help noticing as I move around Rome, is the graffiti and rubbish. As someone who is interested in art, I understand that graffiti can sometimes have a role as a means of urban expression, however there are occasions where to many people it signifies degradation, a lack of respect for the community, nature and environment. What is more, graffiti and rubbish seem to be like contagious infections or viruses in that if one person sprays graffiti on a Roman column and throws their rubbish down on the street, others will soon spray more graffiti and throw rubbish in the same place!! However, groups of Roman citizens have decided to volunteer to clean up the city. Last Sunday WakeupRoma organized the largest ever clean up in Italy in four separate locations around Rome. One of the places was near here, in Piazza Anco Marzio, Ostia and a friend of mine participated.

When I heard about the event I instantly had an idea for this week’s idiom – Actions speak louder than words! Sometimes we spend a lot of time talking without doing anything to change a situation, so we use this idiom to emphasize that what you do is more important and often shows your feelings and intentions, more clearly than what you say. Here is another example:

Child:   “Mum, I promise I’ll tidy my room every week!”

Mum:  “Well, actions speak louder than words – let’s see if you stick to your promise!”

Have there been any occasions in your life where you have thought that actions speak louder than words? Have a good week!