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“To egg someone on”

Well, it is nearly Easter so the idiom had to involve eggs!

We’ve probably all heard of people getting eggs thrown at them. I’ve seen students throwing eggs at Le Terrazze when they finish their last day of school before the summer holiday. If an egg hits you, you get “egged!” Cars and buses sometimes get egged when people are angry.

When we say “egg on” it becomes a phrasal verb and so the meaning changes. If you egg someone on it means you encourage them to do something, good or bad. Sometimes we use it to persuade someone to do something that is wrong, stupid or dangerous, (“incitare qualcuno”). Here are some examples:

  • My trainer at the gym always eggs me on to do more exercise.
  • “Was he egged on by his classmates to become a bully?”
  • The Roma and Lazio football fans were egging their teams on in the “Coppa Italia” match on Tuesday night.
  • Don’t egg her on to accept that job if she isn’t convinced.”

We all wish you a very HAPPY EASTER and look forward to seeing you soon!

The English Tree Team