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“To drive someone nuts!”

For everyone autumn means something different. Many English poets like John Keats in his “Ode to Autumn” paid tribute to its ever-changing colours from green and yellow, to red and golden orange.

In the UK grey squirrels (“scoiattoli”) run frantically along branches and jump through trees on the look-out for nuts and for a place to store them during the winter months. It is as though nature is preparing to rest and take time out to replenish before the rebirth of spring.

The harvest (“vendemmia”) of nuts makes me think of the popular idiom to drive someone nuts. Here are some everyday situations when I would use this idiom – can you guess the meaning of it?

  • This poor Internet connection is driving me nuts!
  • Graffiti on Rome’s beautiful buildings and monuments drives me nuts!
  • It drives me nuts when I can’t sleep but I’m tired.
  • Trying to understand the Italian tax system drives me nuts!

Have you guessed? It means to make someone feel angry or crazy. What drives you nuts? Write to us on our facebook page or send us an email!

If we feel someone is a bit crazy, we also say that person is a nutcase or stronger – a complete nutcase! We’re only a few days away from the American Presidential election and some people think Donald J. Trump is a complete nutcase, others think Hillary Clinton is a complete nutcase, and others think that all politicians all over the world are nutcases!

Whatever happens, watch some of the news this week in English – British and American!

The English Tree Team