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“The bee’s knees / to be the bee’s knees”

The mimosa and fruit trees are flowering and spring is on its way! This is good news for bees who have been on the list of insects which face extinction over the past few years. After hibernating during the winter they usually become active when their favourite flowers blossom (“sbocciano”) and fly around collecting pollen and nectar. The pollen is carried back to the hives (“alveare”) in small sacs on their legs.

Nobody is really sure about the origin of this week’s idiom. There are lots of different theories, but linking it to all that goodness (“bontà”) around the bee’s knees sounds convincing – because someone or something is often called the bee’s knees if they are excellent, outstanding (“eccezionale”), very special.

Take a look at these examples:

  • Claudio Ranieri used to be the bee’s knees at Leicester Football club last year, but unfortunately this season hasn’t been very successful for him and he was sacked (“licenziato”).
  • “Have you been to the cake and ice-cream shop called “Dolce Paradiso” in Infernetto? It really is the bee’s knees!”
  • “I was just thinking about having a coffee and you brought me one. You really are the bee’s knees!”
  • We hope you think that The English Tree is the bee’s knees!”

Have a good week!

The English Tree team