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“Right as rain”

“The heat has come too early this year. It’s not usually this hot so soon,” people have been saying, as Italy swelters (“soffoca”) in temperatures of over 36°. The lack of rain (“la mancanza di pioggia”) has caused drought (“siccità”) in some areas and in Rome the traditional street water fountains (“nasoni”) have been turned off to save water. So why not look at a cooling photo and an idiom about rain??

Rain is an integral part of life in the UK and rainfall can be “light” or “heavy” and sometimes comes down in a straight line – or right down. Here right is not the opposite of “left” or “wrong” but it means perfectly straight, direct. If someone or something is right as rain we mean they are in perfect health or condition.

  • “How are you? I heard you were sick.”

“Yes, I had flu recently, but now I’m right as rain!”

  • “How is the work going in your house?”

“It’s taken longer than expected as usual, but after another 2 weeks everything should be finished and right as rain.”

  • He always acts as though everything is as right as rain, but you can see that something is troubling him.

We hope that you have a relaxing summer break and come back from your holiday feeling as right as rain!

The English Tree Team