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“Out in the sticks”

A few weeks ago my husband convinced me to go on quite a long motorbike ride to Campo Imperatore, the tallest mountain area in Abruzzo. I had been there with a friend about 21 years ago, but my husband had never been.

If you don’t know it, it is definitely worth a visit! The landscape is stunning because of the constantly-changing sky and the dominant mountains all around you. Wherever you stand you have a 360° view of the countryside (campagna) and often you cannot see any other person or vehicle – just sheep and cattle (bestiame).You really are out in the sticks!

Out in the sticks is an idiom we use to talk about being in the countryside, a long way from the city, where there is less noise and less chaos. “Sticks” were originally used to mean “twigs” (ramoscelli), so if you are in the sticks, you are in the middle of the countryside, amongst trees and nature.

Looking at the photo you can see that we were definitely out in the sticks on Campo Imperatore! The track in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo is actually from our rifugio – there was no proper road and no other building in sight, only a country road. It was so peaceful and humbling to be in the middle of nowhere with the sound of nature and the imposing mountains. If you would like to “Escape to the Country” (the name of a TV programme in the UK) in search of tranquility, then this is the place for you!

If you’d like to hear about the English countryside, “What’s on the Box?” starting next Tuesday at 18.30 to 20.00 will give you an opportunity to watch and listen to videos about rural England for 5 weeks. The cost of all 5 sessions is just Euro 30. We want to give you an opportunity to learn how English people chat to each other in a colloquial way. After 5 weeks we will change the theme to something different and you can decide again if it is a topic which interests you.

Reserve your place to go “Out in the Sticks” BEFORE 17.00 ON MONDAY, 17TH OCTOBER by going to – News / Events – What’s on the Box? – and clicking on “Join”.

See you there!

The English Tree Team