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Are your English cover letter & CV ready?

Can you present your FULL SELF in English?


We offer


a 6 hours programme of individual, personalized advice and support (face-to-face or online), for all levels, that will help you to prepare your:

  • Making your academic and professional experiences stand out
  • Organizing and writing your Cover Letter & CV in English
INTERVIEW preparation & practice for any work or study opportunity
  • Preparing to excel during interviews in English
  • Putting yourself in an interview scenario by practising in a two-way role play

Access to exclusive career search skills and techniques designed by a qualified bilingual professional with broad experience in international recruitment for global companies such as MTV, Pearson Education, The Financial Times, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, University of Oxford, HEC Paris and more *(*University of Oxford competency based interviews certified).

CV/Resume support

The CV is the candidate’s first formal presentation but despite its crucial importance many miss out on this opportunity to market themselves effectively.

  • What is the ideal format for your academic and professional experiences to stand out?
  • What are your relevant skills and qualities worth highlighting?
  • What are global recruiters looking for today?
  • Is there any difference in the UK, in Europe or the USA?
  • Will your level of English compromise your CV?

In an increasingly competitive global recruitment environment, companies do not JUST expect to receive your CV in English, they look for a presentation that is in a unique way remarkable, with a content well thought through, flawless and personal.

  • We will review your current CV and support you with the format, presentation, copywriting and editing of your CV in English.
  • We can help you tailor your CV to the relevant market/stakeholder, while matching your skills and experiences with the requirements of the study/job posting you wish to apply for.
Cover Letter support

Have you heard of the English idiom “to judge a book by its cover?” Covers of books affect our expectations about what the story is like inside. In the same way you will be judged by your cover letter.

  • What expectations do you want to create?
  • How do you tell YOUR story to a potential future employer, leaving no doubt that you’re a candidate they want to invite for an interview?
  • We will help you adopt and use the appropriate tone and etiquette in your cover letter
  • We will assist you in aligning your cover letter with the key message, skills and experiences you want to communicate to your target employer or school
Job interview role play and preparation

Imagine your CV and cover letter ‘have done the trick’ and you have a date fixed for your dream course/job interviews. Or maybe you just want to feel ready when the interview opportunity arises? Now it’s time for the ‘real deal’ and practice makes perfect!

  • How are you going to impress the interviewers in English? Do you feel ready and confident to face this challenge?
  • Are you prepared for all sorts of questions that may come up during the interview?
  • Would it help to prepare audiovisuals to present your ideas for the role?
  • How can you turn a challenging question into a positive answer?
  • We will support and guide you with personalized interview preparation in English adapted according to your study/job opportunity
  • You will be able to participate in a two way Q&A role play
  • We can help you prepare and practice your presentation
  • Learn some ‘dos and don’ts’ and skills to help you manage challenging interview scenarios

In addition/support we offer:

  • English course for all levels
  • Counseling in Italian and English

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