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“To play an April Fool on someone; To be an April Fool; April Fool!!!”

Have a close look at this photo. Where do you think the girl is from? What’s she doing? What’s growing on the trees? Any ideas?

If you think it looks like spaghetti, well done! If you think she looks like she’s from Switzerland, you’re right again! In 1957 a BBC television programme revealed how the Swiss were cultivating spaghetti so that it grew on trees! Videos were shown of the local people planting it, harvesting it, picking it off the trees and putting it in their baskets. Was it true? A lot of people thought it was!!!

What they didn’t notice was that the programme was aired on 1st April – April Fools’ Day in England, which is today’s date too.

April 1st is celebrated every year by playing jokes, tricks or pranks (“scherzi”) on victims. The trick, prank or joke and the victims are called “April Fools!” and you play an April Fool on someone.

A few years ago my son and daughter played a very funny April Fool on me. I got in from work one evening and they told me that while I was out a man had called about English lessons. They said his name was Signor Leone and they gave me his cell number so I could call him back. I took off my coat, went into the kitchen and called the number. A lady answered in Italian. She said:

“Good afternoon, Bioparco…” I automatically continued…..

“Good afternoon, can I speak to Signor Leo…ne…?”

Then I understood why my children were laughing hysterically behind the kitchen door. I had called the zoo and I was asking to speak to Mr. Lion!! I was left with egg on my face and quickly put down the phone… “APRIL FOOL!” they shouted.

I hope you played an April Fool on someone today… Have a great week!