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The English Tree proposes an educational journey that would allow Mums and their children to share a language and cultural learning experience by means of a series of sessions covering everyday topics and themes enriched with English literature jewels. During our 30-week journey (of one and a half hours per week), we will stop and look at the following aspects of English life:

  1. Greetings/ Saying Hello/Goodbye Chatting to people
  2. Seasons & Weather and changing colours
  3. Getting dressed in the morning and fashion
  4. Clothes and shopping for clothes
  5. Parts of the body/health matters
  6. Animals & Characters in Disney films
  7. Food / Shopping and eating / drinking
  8. Playing games and sports
  9. Transport, Travel and holidays
  10. Telling a story in English
  11. Book club

Mums and children will travel together as they cover the different topics in the afternoon at the same time and place, but in two different rooms with two different teachers, who will work together to ensure the same theme is adapted for children and adults. In this way Mums and children will share the same educational journey and can practise English together at home. According to our mission and values the size of the groups should not be more than 6 people. This approach is unique in that mothers and children actually see, hear and experience each other studying English, whichprovides both of them with an invaluable and mutual incentive to learn.

The English Tree provides teachers who are trained to respond to the individual motivations and needs of their students and every course is specially-formulated to suit the requirements of that specific group. With this in mind our approach is based on humanistic counseling techniques and therefore is totally different from traditional English language courses. We invite you to experience that difference!

On request we can organize an English activity to entertain any younger brothers and sisters with qualified staff.

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