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An English Learning Experience Reimagined: A specially-designed course for cabin attendants.

The recent partnerships between airlines has made it necessary to “reimagine” the role of and the way cabin attendants interact with passengers from a diverse range of countries and cultures.

At the English Tree we have invented a bespoke English course specifically to help flight attendants meet the new needs of their job.

30-week course of 90 minute lessons, adapted to suit your level.

There will be a constant focus on good fluency and pronunciation to help you to be understood and understand others, including topics such as:

  1. Presenting and chatting to people about yourself;
  2. Numbers, dates and times;
  3. Parts of an aircraft and airport vocabulary – on the ground, at the airport and on board;
  4. The pre-flight briefing;
  5. Different classes of air travel;
  6. On board announcements before and after take-off; during the flight; before and after landing.
  7. On board services – inflight entertainment, dining and duty free sales, use of electronic devices;
  8. Polite requests; explaining how something works;
  9. Offering a choice; money transactions on board;
  10. Understanding and dealing with passengers’ inflightneeds, for example including a consideration of the “Etihad Guest Charter”;
  11. Offering to help; apologizing and responding to and resolving problems;
  12. Talking about health situations; well-being on board;
  13. Special assistance on board;
  14. Disruptive and difficult passengers;
  15. Inflight emergencies;
  16. Checking things have been done; making recommendations;
  17. Interacting with guest and flight ambassadors;
  18. Crew debriefing;
  19. Going out and socializing, eating with friends and colleagues;
  20. Shopping:

Minimum number of students required: 4   Cost: Euro 500 + IVA

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