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“To be a chip off the old block”

Have you inherited any of your father’s character? Maybe your own children have similar personalities to their father? Today is Father’s Day in the UK, US and many other countries, and this week’s idiom to be a chip off the old block is one which we frequently associate with our Dads.

The “old block” here refers to an old piece of wood, and a “chip” is a small fragment from that wood…. There’s no connection to fish and chips! If someone is a chip off the old block it means they are very similar in character to one of their parents, usually their father.

  • Everyone says she’s a chip off the old block, but I think she’s very different to her father
  • When it comes to playing football, my son is a chip off the old block. My husband and he both still play together whenever they get the chance.
  • He really reminds me of his father when he was young. He’s definitely a chip off the old block!!

Dedicated to our Dads and their places in our lives!

Have a good week,

The English Tree Team