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“It’s Not My Cup Of Tea”

Can a cup of tea solve your problems?

In England a lot of people think so – sitting down and having a cup of tea (we also say “a cuppa”) whilst sharing your problem with a friend can be a comforting experience. Even a judge deciding a custody case in 2014 told a couple who had been fighting for 10 years to sit down and have a cuppa and resolve their impasse. Apparently it worked!

My mother-in-law, who is a keen follower of the “Idiom of the Week”, loves her cups of tea and so I’m dedicating this week’s idiom to her.

The week before last my husband asked me if I’d like to spend a romantic weekend in Tuscany. I enthusiastically said “Yes, great idea!” As we began to look at where we could stay I became aware (“sonodiventataconsapevole”) that my husband was focused on staying somewhere near Mugello. Was it just a coincidence that the MotoGP track is there, and Valentino Rossi would be racing in the Italian MotoGP that Sunday?? Absolutely not! He had already bought the tickets!

We drove up and loved the surrounding countryside and towns, and Mugello racetrack was an amazing sea of blue and yellow, the colours of Valentino Rossi. Motorbike racing is not my cup of tea, however I felt alive being in such an electric atmosphere.

When we say something is not our cup of tea it means we don’t like it or we are not interested in it. Today we often use this idiom in the negative, although it can be used in the positive. Actually, when it was first used in the 1800s it was used in a positive way to say what a person liked. Here are some examples:

  • Going on holiday somewhere off the beaten track is my cup of tea. (See last week’s idiom!)
  • Going running is not really my cup of tea. I prefer going to the gym.
  • “I know jazz isn’t really your cup of tea, but the jazz evenings in Casa del Jazz in the summer are worth going to!”
  • “Have you ever tried Indian food – it’s really good!”

“No, spicy food isn’t my cup of tea.”

What is your cup of tea? What isn’t your cup of tea?

Have a good week!