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If you read last week’s Idiom of the Week you will have seen that one of the examples using the idiom was:
“My husband buys me flowers once in a blue moon.”
Well, surprisingly, my husband (whose name is Bob) decided to check out the idiom and you can imagine he was not too happy that I had referred to him in this way!

This week’s idiom therefore gives me chance to make it right with Bob, because I have to tell you that on Ladies’ Day, 8th March a few years ago, Bob didn’t just buy me some mimosa – he bought me a mimosa tree!! This tree has grown so well and so quickly that it is a major feature of our garden and it gives me great joy to see its beautiful yellow blossom. In fact, this week the tree has flowered and its branches are heavily laden with sweet-smelling flowers. Spring is coming!!

Spring – with its warmer, longer and brighter days – it’s energizing isn’t it, to see the new birth and renewal of nature after winter? For this reason, when someone is feeling or looking happy, full of energy and enthusiasm, we say they are “full of the joys of spring!” Here are some other examples:

“Matthew is full of the joys of spring! He just came back from a skiing holiday and told me he fell in love with a girl he met there!”

Sophie: “You look full of the joys of spring!”
Gabriella: “Yes, I just heard I got that job I wanted!”

Personally, I’m full of the joys of spring because we start a new TV series next week on Tuesday at “What’s on the Box?” and I think you’re really going to enjoy it…..Hope to see you there and have a great week!