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“Donkey’s years”

Having rides on donkeys at the English seaside is something I remember distinctly from my childhood. What about you? When have you seen a donkey? People generally think of them as working animals, methods of transport, pulling carts, carrying people and loads, baskets of fruit. Some of the first pictures of them come from Ancient Egyptian art. Archeologists found images of donkeys in King Tutankhamen’s tomb, so we know they have been around for a long time – thousands of years. When we talk about something that has happened or been happening for donkey’s years we mean for a long time.

Here are some everyday examples:

  • “How long have you known (Daniele)?”

“Oh, donkey’s years – we were in the same class at elementary school!”

  • “I’ve been working in the same business for donkey’s years – I feel like I need a change.”
  • My cousin moved to Australia 18 years ago so we haven’t seen each other for donkey’s years.
  • “I studied English in high school then lived in London for 3 months in my twenties, so I haven’t spoken it in donkey’s years! Now I’d like to learn English again to help my child in school.”

What have you done or not done for donkey’s years?

Have a good week,

The English Tree Team